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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Spring Has Come and NYSSA is Blooming

What does the word “spring” bring to mind?  A fresh green smell in the air?  Nature blooming full of beautiful flowers?  Showers that promise a rich harvest in the fall?  At NYSSA, Spring brought us several wins! 

As you may be aware, events are always taking place at NYSSA. Each and every event has a special place within the society as they carry with them a unique member value. We are excited to feature the two events that have recently received special recognition. 

The March 23rd Gender Diversity as a Profitable Corporate Strategy event was selected by the CFA Institute as a “Society Success” and will be featured at the upcoming Society Leadership Conference (SLC) in Philadelphia during May!  Along with this recognition, a few comments were received:

  • Patrick Holert, a Board of Director who made the opening remarks, said "the event is NYSSA's first to explore factor analysis of a social issue as a key element of a successful investing and corporate strategy.  To me, the most interesting aspect of the event was that, whereas previous events that I have attended on this topic attracted very few men, the audience was about evenly split between men and women.  Clearly, people came to the event to hear about the rigorous statistical analysis that the speakers from State Street Global Advisors and Morgan Stanley have conducted on the topic.  From the talks, and insightful questions from the audience, everyone seemed to look at gender diversity in a new light from this event".  

  • Kate Starr, the Chair of Sustainable Investing, the group under which the event was hosted, and Drianne Benner, a Board of Director who made the closing remarks, summarized the event as follows: “Data needs to improve but we are definitely beginning to see a relationship between diversity and company performance…buyers are increasingly expecting to see diverse leadership and workforces in the companies that they invest in…more diverse workforce increases at all levels, companies and economies will benefit”

This is such an honor for the society!  If you have not had a chance to review the content of this event yet, you can read about it here.  If you are a NYSSA member, you can also watch the recording of this event from the same page, even if you were unable to attend.

Congratulations are due to New York’s Research Challenge team from Seton Hall, who are heading to Prague for the 2017 CFA Research Challenge Global Final!  They were already featured in last month’s Newsletter, but in case you did not have a chance to read about it, here is the write up of the society level competition that we hosted in March.  NYSSA’s Managing Director of Content and Member Service, Mario E. Carias, CFA, who accompanied the team to Seattle for the North America final had the following comment:

“The students from Seton Hall University nailed their presentation and won the competition when they answered all the questions from the judges spectacularly”.

The global final competition in Prague will be held on April 28, 2017. We wish them the best of luck.    

Of course, since the last newsletter, these are not only the things that have happened at NYSSA.  Among others, we had a fully sold-out Asset Owner Series’ event, the 2nd Annual Single Family Office Conference on April 6.  The first solo event by the Business Management Group, Attracting Institutional Assets: The Importance of Operational Due Diligence, also occurred recently.  CFA Institute’s  “Putting Investors First” campaign is still ongoing, and we still have a number of events scheduled.  We are about to start our 80th anniversary party season with the Ben Graham Value Conference on June 20, and concluding with the Annual Dinner with Market Forecast on October 3.  NYSSA has been very busy planning and producing these exciting events and we are not stopping any time soon! 

Do you want to be a part of the excitement?  Do not miss NYSSA’s membership renewals.  For members who are also CFA Institute members, you will receive a notice directly from the CFA Institute.  For those of you whom are who are solely NYSSA members, you will get billed on your membership anniversary date, so be on the lookout for all notifications.  Do not miss out on any upcoming events, which you can check out here.  As always, knock on our door any time you have some feedback for us.  We are listening! 


Harumi Urata-Thompson, CFA  
Chief Operating Officer 

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